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Nolan Movies
Actors on a Nolan set are subjected to a strict "no cell phone" policy. Nolan feels the smart devices interrupt or distract from the work itself stating, “Phones have become a huge distraction, and people work much better without them.”
Cell Phone Free Zone
Nolan goes to such lengths to keep spoilers from leaking to the general public that sometimes actors film their scenes without fully understanding the plot. If an actor does get the luxury of reading an entire Nolan script, they are sworn to the utmost secrecy.
Sworn to Secrecy
If you work on a Nolan set you’ll likely meet Sir Michael Caine, as the actor has been in all of the director’s films since “Batman Begins.” Nolan is also fiercely loyal to his behind-the-scenes crew, and many have worked on the majority of Nolan's productions.
Working With a Legend
As meticulous and prepared as he may be in his work, by all accounts, Nolan is a chill guy. He rarely loses his temper and manages to make the best out of unfortunate situations which translates to a calm working environment for cast and crew alike.
Low-Stress Shoots
Nolan actors must also be prepared to leave the cozy trappings of the Hollywood backlot for longer shoots on location. Since he prefers traditional techniques, and would rather set his cameras up in downtown Pittsburgh than build a post-production city via CGI, it gives the actors an (increasingly rare) opportunity to touch, smell, and feel their environments.
Prepare to Travel