Robert Eggers' Surprising Remarks About Studio Interference In The Northman

“The Northman,”starring Alexander Skarsgård as a 10th century Viking prince seeking revenge, is Director Robert Eggers’ first large studio film. The film boasts an A-list cast, huge sets, and a $90 million budget, and Eggers has shared his feelings on how it was different than his previous, more lowkey films.
In an interview, Eggers revealed that he wasn’t sure if he’d ever do such a large-scale movie again, apparently due to studio interference during the post-production process. However, he later revealed that he didn’t have negative feelings towards the experience, saying that the powers that be didn’t force him to make major creative changes in the final cut.
In the interview, Eggers explained how the studio required him to do test screenings, which he didn’t enjoy. Despite not liking the process, he revealed that the screenings were actually necessary as “the studio pressure made the film what [he] originally pitched to them, which was the most entertaining Roberts
Eggers [he] could make.”