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Rick And Morty's
Wormageddon Scavenger Hunt
Although one may have seen, and been confused by, a commercial for the "Rick and Morty" scavenger hunt known as "Wormageddon" on Adult Swim, it seems like there is a clarifying description of the contest over at Rick and Morty's website. It turns out that the rules of the scavenger hunt are relatively simple, and the only real limitation is the standard issue clause that participants must be over the age of 18.
The scavenger hunt involves using clues to track down the locations of nine sculptures of Rick's head, though one sculpture has already been found. The details of the scavenger hunt clarify that the sculptures are located in at least seven different countries, with a few notable exceptions, and the locations may be exceptionally remote. only available to visit during specific hours, and they might require significant physical stamina to reach.
Upon finding one of the Rick statues, contestants must present their find to the location's event staff and recite a specific passphrase. Winners also agree to be filmed at the location and will be able to take home a Rick trophy, which has a value of around $100 — the hunt will run from August 23, 2022, to September 9, 2022.