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Fans Cooked Up A
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The Golden Portals
And Diane


"Rick and morty," Seasons 5 & 6


As established in the Season 5 finale of “Rick and Morty,” Rick walled off the universes where he isn't the smartest being in existence, making it impossible to use portal tech to travel to them. This subset of hand-picked universes is known as the Central Finite Curve, and it's where every episode has thus far taken place. However, the Curve was destroyed in that episode.
A few times, we've seen a gold-colored portal, in contrast to the traditional green ones created by Rick's portal gun. Evil Morty (Justin Roiland) uses a golden portal at the end of Season 5, for example. The best explanation for those off-yellow dimensional doorways is that they lead to universes outside of the Central Finite Curve, which is where Evil Morty escaped to.
According to a theory posted to Reddit by u/4thvariety, Rick's ex-wife, Diane, could be the show's next big villain now that the Central Finite Curve is gone. They point out that Diane doesn't appear to exist in any of the universes we've seen thus far — meaning universes outside the Curve contain infinite Dianes, all of whom are infinitely mad at Rick for abandoning them.