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Ralph Macchio
Initially Had Major
Reservations About
His Cobra Kai
"Cobra Kai" serves as a direct sequel to the first three "Karate Kid" movies, and it has also reignited Ralph Macchio’s career. However, his iconic character, Daniel LaRusso, is not the same person that we remember from the ‘80s, and Macchio did harbor some reservations about Daniel's attitude.
GQ published an interview with Macchio where he revealed that the arrogant version of Daniel introduced at the series' outset didn't initially mesh with how he personally would have envisioned Daniel in his adulthood. Macchio said, "I would always argue, LaRusso had this great mentor, this grounded mother. Would he really have gone in this direction?"
However, Macchio credits a scene from Season 1, Episode 5 — in which Daniel's wife, Amanda, encourages him to reflect on his current lot in life — with getting his character back on track. Macchio has since had a change of heart, and in a January 2021 interview on The View, Macchio said his character's arc in “Cobra Kai” “adds great story and conflict.”