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THIS STORY CONTAINS DISCUSSIONS OF Sexual assault and gun violence.

Content Warning
Many were outraged when the character of Stu learns that he slept with a transgender woman, and this revelation is treated as "disgusting.” Also, a photo in the end credits parodies a real photo of a general executing a prisoner which Roger Ebert said was "a desecration of one of [...] the most famous photos to come out of the Vietnam War."

The Hangover Part II

There’s an infamous scene where Lewis pretends to be jock Stan, so he can sleep with the quarterback's girlfriend. It's meant to be a cheer-worthy sequence in the film, but it registers to any reasonable viewer as merely an endorsement of rape.

Revenge of the Nerds

The marketing of this film inspired a wave of unforeseen controversy, mainly from right-leaning news organizations, who accused Hollywood of merely trying to stir up violence. The root of the controversy was that many saw "The Hunt" as endorsing violence against conservatives, yet ignored how the conservative characters were the heroes of the movie.

The Hunt

In an opening scene, an unnamed woman is trapped in the mutants' base solely so she can breed children and then is slaughtered after birthing a stillborn baby. Critics took this film to task for resorting to such a shallow depiction of sexual assault and for not giving any of the women in the film even basic character development.

Hills Have Eyes 2

The film’s poster proved so suggestive that it got banned from theaters and encountered trouble running ads with its full title, resulting in the generic moniker of "Zack and Miri." Sometimes, controversy can lead to box office success, but none of these marketing troubles helped inspire much interest from moviegoers.

Zack and Miri