Questionable Things We Ignore In The John Wick Franchise


The Continental Hotel is a safe place for assassins to attain supplies, assistance, and unwind, but it’s hard to ignore the plethora of murderous hit people hanging out in the same public place. The amount of hitmen in one location defies real-world logic, and is nonsensical even for the heightened reality of "John Wick."


The Gold Coin is the currency that gets things moving and shaking in the “John Wick” world of assassins. But that reality gets murky when Viggo Tarasov offers a cash bounty on John Wick which puts into question the value of the Gold Coin that is supposed to buy loyalty and silence in this world.


The “John Wick” movies are known for high action and mayhem which usually occur in public spaces where there are innocent bystanders. However, there are instances where people don’t seem to notice the clear and present danger they are in and just go on about their daily lives.


Another questionable thing viewers ignore in this franchise is how assassins from other criminal organizations never come after John while he's vulnerable. There are too many other assassins walking around in close proximity who are not taking a shot at enhancing their prestige by killing a renowned killer.


John Wick is also known as The Boogeyman because of his killing prowess and if an assassin of his legendary reputation is coming after you, one would be scared. However, there are too many people who are either fond of him, pay him too much respect, or help him out even though they’ve had dicey interactions with him in the past.

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