Questionable things we ignore in Downton Abbey



Michael Gregson's Season 4 disappearance may have been largely due to Charles Edwards' commitment to other projects, but it made little sense to have such an important character exit so quickly. The show didn't offer much explanation to his disappearance, apart from the suggestions that he was killed by Hitler's men.

Class Inequality

The post-Edwardian era was a time when the aristocracy still ruled the land and had dozens of domestic servants, but it seems as if the servants of "Downton Abbey" are quite content. The reality was that the servants would have had a much harder time, and their duties would require all the hours of the day to complete.

Robert Crawley

Robert Crawley is arguably the main character of "Downton Abbey," but he also happens to be a terrible protagonist. He's overbearing, self-important, talks down to women, sees marriage as means to secure wealth and status, and even has an affair with a housemaid.

Vast Timeline Skips

“Downton Abbey” aired for six seasons, but the events occur from 1912 to 1926. This might not have been a problem to some of its viewers, but it creates an unbelievable timeline that strains credulity, makes storylines slow, and stunts character development.


Every good television show has some sort of romantic element, but “Downton Abbey” takes this to the extreme. There are simply so many affairs happening that there are barely any characters that haven't cheated on a partner or been involved in an illicit or scandalous relationship.

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