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Queen Elizabeth II's
Death Is Already
Affecting Netflix's
The Crown
"The Crown," may be a fictionalized version of events that have surrounded the royal family, but even so, anytime you're making a story about real people, you have to make plans for real-life eventualities. The crew of "The Crown" did just that in making preparations for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Operation London Bridge is a process that was created for England to move on after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a process that has been in place since she took the throne in 1952. "The Crown," which is currently filming Season 6, made similar preparations by setting up its own version of Operation London Bridge.
Sources familiar with the situation stated that production on the series would temporarily be paused, for at least a week, in the event the Queen was to die during filming. While the final season of the series doesn't seem to be bringing us anywhere near the present day, fans should expect some kind of dedication as the sun sets on both the series and Queen Elizabeth II.