Oscar Isaac Confirms Suspicions About Poe And Finn's Relationship

Poe Dameron and Finn made great battle buddies in the “Star Wars” Skywalker saga but fans and cast members were hoping for another kind of relationship to flourish during the final trilogy. Poe actor, Oscar Isaac, dished out all the details in an interview with IGN in 2019.
He said that they could’ve had an interesting love story but the main reason it wasn't explored was that Disney didn't feel comfortable with it. In another interview with Variety, he said that he and John Boyega tried their best to convince the higher-ups to allow them to become more intimate on-screen but Disney wasn’t having it.
According to Isaac, during scenes both he and Boyega played up the potential that their characters could have a romantic relationship. "You have to just look very closely — you have to watch it a few times to see the little hints, but there was. At least I was playing romance."