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The "Supernatural" fandom is a dedicated one, clinging to the adventures of the Winchester brothers for 15 seasons on The CW, and when a show runs for that long, some characters stay for the whole ride while others only last a few seasons. We wanted to see who the "Supernatural" fans thought was the best character on the show, so we put it to a vote.
Our survey offered eight characters to choose from, and after more than 600 fans from the United States weighed in, the overwhelming favorite was obvious. Landing in the number one spot on our poll of the best "Supernatural" character was Dean Winchester — one heck of a demon hunter who had some hilarious dialogue from time to time — with 20.87% of the vote.
The second place spot on our poll went to Lucifer — who served as the central antagonist of the show — with 15.7% of respondents choosing him as their favorite. In third place was Castiel, with 12.62% of votes, followed by a tie between Bobby and Sam at 12.46% — and rounding out the bottom of the list were Gabriel (11.17%), Death (9%), and Jody (5.66%).