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NCIS Actually
Started As A Spin
Off For This
Forgotten Show
Even the most stalwart fans of the hit show may not know that "NCIS" wasn't an entirely original concept, as it started as an offshoot of an existing show. If you can't put your finger on which show paved the way, this is how “NCIS" started.
"NCIS" started as a spin-off for "JAG" – another legal drama, short for Judge Advocate General, that aired on CBS for ten seasons from 1995-2005. In two Season 8 episodes, viewers were introduced to what would become the core cast of "NCIS" as they not only worked to solve the murder of a lieutenant but also try to thwart a terrorist attack.
Even though "NCIS" started as a spin-off, the show has now overshadowed the somewhat forgotten "JAG" from which it owes its start. Over its nearly 20-year running time, "NCIS" has become one of the most-watched shows on television.