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My 600-Lb Life Fans
Weighed In On The
Most Depressing
Moment In Season 7
The TLC reality program "My 600-lb Life" has been a source of countless inspiring stories since it premiered in 2012. However, not everyone who appears on the show is so lucky and despite the number of battles won throughout the series, there have also been some notable losses.
Featured in Episode 13 of Season 7, Kelly Mason led a tragic life that included sexual abuse, family neglect, and the death of her child. Fans took to Reddit to discuss Kelly's heartbreaking with one user stating, “She was really sad because she was half of her body weight, died right before her birthday, and was signing up to go back to school.”
The Redditor added, “She was getting her life back on track and next thing we know, she unfortunately had a heart attack." Another user chimed in by saying, "One of the few episodes that made me cry! She was always so sweet to Dr. Now too and never gave attitude.”