Mouch's Nickname On Chicago Fire Explained


Fan favorite and long-time resident of Firehouse 51, Randall "Mouch" McHolland has seen more firefighter action than you can shake a slamigan at. While Stolte's character has been with the show since the pilot episode, some "Chicago Fire" viewers may not know how Mouch's nickname originated.

Despite his active role as a team member, McHolland actually became somewhat legendary for a certain form of inactivity. Whenever not on call, he can be found lounging comfortably on the station couch watching TV or chatting with other squad members, giving rise to the apropos nickname, "Mouch."

However, over the years, Mouch has been way more than a couch potato. In addition to being a first responder, he was elected the President of the Firefighter's Union and tasked with advisory duty if any of the staff face disciplinary hearings or other internal matters in the department.