Morbius Reviews On Rotten Tomatoes Are A Stake Through The Heart

Reviewers are sinking their teeth into “Morbius.” On Rotten Tomatoes, people have been ripping the Marvel Comics-inspired superhero flick to shreds, calling it boring and inconsistent pretty much across the board.
It’s an understatement to say critics merely "dislike" it, as many are calling it an abject failure, holding nothing back in their criticisms of its dull story and performances. Other critics have called out Sony, such as Charlotte O'Sullivan, who said the film is "a cash-grab so sloppy it makes you wonder if the top brass at Sony are nihilistic members of the undead."
Critics have also pointed out that Academy Award winner Jared Leto doesn't quite manage to impress as the titular character, with Time’s Stephanie Zacharek saying he "perhaps isn't so much a serious actor as one who takes himself very seriously." It's pretty clear that "Morbius" won't go down in history as the most critically praised superhero movie of all time.