Morbius Director Confirms Suspicions About Jared Leto's Set Behavior


Marvel has been spotlighting a handful of other iconic characters in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, which now includes "Morbius.” The film focuses on the titular doctor (played by Jared Leto) as he struggles to find a cure for his rare blood disease.

Leto has earned a reputation in Hollywood as a hardcore method actor, and he didn't hold back when it came to “Morbius." "I got scared for Jared. He really commits," director Daniel Espinosa told Variety, referring to Leto's approach to a scene where Morbius locks himself in a room to resist his increasingly strong urge to drink blood.

Espinosa also referenced another “spooky” sequence where Morbius shatters glass, saying that much of the crew "backed off.” It sounds like Jared Leto potentially stepped over some lines, and we’ll have to wait and see if it was all worth it when "Morbius" hits theaters in a mere few weeks.