Moon Knight's Costume Has One Important Similarity To The Batman's


Following the release of “The Batman,” comic book fans can look forward to another caped hero with the March 30th debut of Marvel’s “Moon Knight” on Disney+. Often referred to as Marvel’s take on the Dark Knight, the latest TV spot only fuels the comparisons.

Just like Batman’s penchant to make all of his gear bat-shaped, the Moon Knight also makes his gadgets moon-shaped. One such item is the crescent moon chest emblem that Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight removes from his outfit in the teaser, which is reminiscent of Robert Pattinson’s Batman removing his chest badge to cut through wires and police tape.

The teaser then ends with Moon Knight catching the emblem before flashing his pearly white eyes. Fans will have to tune in and see how often he’ll throw the badge around, which of course could lead to an episode where it falls down the sofa and he tries to recover it.