Moon Knight writer reveals the reason Arthur Harrow is the villain


The Disney+ series "Moon Knight" has been teasing fans in recent weeks with various trailers, including a glimpse at the main villain, Dr. Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). Writer Jeremy Slater has been active on social media to answer fan questions about why they chose one of the lesser-known villains from the "Moon Knight" comic books as their main antagonist.

Slater says they chose Harrow, because he felt that Bushman, the comic's most recognizable bad guy, "just felt too close" to "Black Panther" antagonist Erik Killmonger, opting instead to "invent a villain." Dr. Harrow does exist in the comics, in one issue, but the fact that the writer claims he's creating a new character hints that the show will take a sharp left turn from the source material.

Fan chatter ranged from curious to mostly positive, with some insisting that Black Spectre and Morpheus would have been better choices. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how much the show deviates from the source material.