Moon Knight Writer Reveals The Inspiration For The Hero's Costume


The head writer of Disney+’s “Moon Knight,” Jeremy Slater, knew that the character's costume had to stand out from other MCU heroes and villains. He recently took to Twitter and opened up about some of the creative team's inspirations for Moon Knight's costume on the show.

Slater wanted the costume to be "supernatural" and "visually distinct from all the Stark/nanotech suits that currently populate the MCU,” so the creative team settled on the idea of the suit being "conjured" into existence. Eventually, they landed on Moon Knight’s “Universe X” incarnation, thanks to the research done by producer Nick Pepin.

Using the "Universe X" comic art as a visual reference, they pitched the idea to Kevin Feige, and he loved it. However, Feige suggested that they combine the "Universe X" attire with Moon Knight's modern aesthetic, and the rest is history.