Moon Knight Director Has Harsh Words For Black Adam


“Moon Knight” director Mohammed Diab is proud that MCU’s six-part show is delivering when it comes to representation and that they hire locals to fill out their cast and. However, he believes DC’s anti-hero movie “Black Adam” squandered the similar potential they had to represent diversity.

In a recent interview, Diab revealed his disappointment with the approach Warner Bros. took with their long-gestating film. He said he was annoyed that DC “set “Black Adam” in a fictional middle eastern country as an excuse to cast non-Egyptians.”

Diab’s remarks are referencing Kahndaq, the homeland of Black Adam and a fictional spot in DC's Middle Eastern area that has always had a strong resemblance to Egypt. Polite shade-throwing aside, Diab was proud to highlight the amount of local talent injected into "Moon Knight," in just about every possible area.