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Miles Teller
Has A Vision
For The Future
Of Top Gun
Although "Top Gun: Maverick" isn't necessarily a legacy sequel because its main focus is still on Maverick, there's definitely an element of passing the baton over to this new squad of expert pilots. It's not difficult to imagine that Paramount could make another "Top Gun" sequel with this younger cast and Miles Teller has an idea of where the studio should go next.
In a recent interview, Teller confessed that he's already pitched the "Rooster" movie to Paramount, although he didn't confirm whether the studio was impressed by the idea. "I'm trying to get a Top Gun: Rooster. I've been pitching it," Teller revealed. "We'll see what happens. I don't know. I think it's interesting.”
the real decision-maker will be how much it makes at the box office. Considering the strong buzz leading up to the release, there's a decent chance that the movie will bring in enough to get Paramount to give Teller what he wants for "Top Gun: Rooster." Only time will tell.