Mike Wolfe And Frank Fritz's American Pickers Feud Explained


Frank Goes Missing

At first, Season 21 of the series kept up with the show's venerable format of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traveling around the U.S. looking for hidden treasures. In one episode, the pickers ventured to Kansas City, but by the next, Frank was nowhere to be found.

Changes In His Life

In July 2021, Frank Fritz emerged and broke his silence, explaining why he was no longer part of the show that had made him a reality TV superstar. Fritz claims he didn't leave "American Pickers," but rather ceased to participate in the new batch of episodes due to health concerns.

Professional Problems And Personal Coldness

Frank Fritz said that his falling out with Mike Wolfe, whom he says he's known for more than 40 years, began some time before the news broke publicly. Fritz said that he didn't even field a call from his friend and co-star before or after his back surgery.

Mike Said Frank Won't Return

On July 21, 2021, The History Channel made it official that Fritz's long tenure on "American Pickers'' had come to an end. Mike Wolfe released a statement to entertainment media outlets, wishing his former cohort well and curiously not protesting Fritz's decision whatsoever.

Danielle Is Team Mike

On August 2, 2021, Danielle "Dani" Colby, the third cast member of "American Pickers," clearly picked a side. Colby said that Fritz had to be “accountable” for what he had done, perhaps alluding to Fritz's alcohol issues or some other, very personal things which the general public has not yet heard about.

Frank Thought Mike Was Disingenuous

Following Wolfe's affable remarks upon the confirmation that Fritz had left American Pickers, Fritz had more to say. He called Wolfe's well-wishing words “bulls***,” which Wolfe didn’t respond to.

Ready To Return

In addition to his years-long recovery period after back surgery, Fitz spent 77 days at the Abbey Center in Bettendorf, Iowa, trying to break his addiction to alcohol. A year after his stay, Fitz said he still attends counseling meetings two times a week and is ready to return to his job as co-host.

Mike Still Has Worries

While Frank Fritz has apparently sought out help for his addiction issues, the subject remains a sensitive one for Mike Wolfe. Judging from comments Wolfe made in August 2021, he doesn't think Fritz is ready to return to the show — his own stated desire to do so notwithstanding.

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