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Michael Scott
Quotes That
Aged Well
This Season 1 episode sees Michael talk the Office into playing an ill-advised flashcard game meant to initiate conversations with each other about racial stereotypes. This episode is so controversial that, in recent years, Comedy Central has been skipping the episode in reruns.
Diversity Day Episode
"We'll auction people off like in the olden days," Michaels states in the fifth episode of Season 5. Michael often says things that are unintentionally offensive, but in this case, he's fully aware he's referencing slave auctions and thinks he's making a good suggestion.
Crime Aid
In "Women's Appreciation," Michael makes light of Phyllis getting flashed in the parking lot. Everyone else's reactions make it clear that his behavior is unacceptable even when the episode aired in 2007, but this is a joke that never would have made it past the censors in a post-MeToo world.
Making Fun of Phyllis
Oscar Martinez is a frequent target of Michael's bigotry, related to both Oscar's race as well as his sexuality. In the controversial “Diversity Day” episode Michael sits down with Oscar and asks him "Is there a term besides 'Mexican' that you prefer? Something less offensive?"
The Term Mexican