Matthew Gray
Gubler Admits
What He Really
Thinks Of Criminal
Minds' Ending
Matthew Gray Gubler played one of the most iconic “Criminal Minds” characters and directed some of the most terrifying episodes throughout his tenure on the show. In a recent interview, the actor who played, Dr. Spencer Reid talked about the final episodes of the series and what it is like to say goodbye to a show that he spent over a decade on.
Gubler called the ending to “Criminal Minds” bittersweet, in the sense that both the actors and the fans that watched them, grew very fond of the show. He added, "We're sad, of course, to see it go, but at the same time, I feel like we all really gave it our best, and we, hopefully, told some stories that made the world a little happier."
He stated that the end of "Criminal Minds" is like going to a grandfather's funeral, where everybody is standing around talking about what a great life they had. Of course, if fans ever want to see the cardigan-wearing Spencer Reid and his compatriots again, the 300-episode show is always worth another binge-watch.