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Matt Reeves
Reveals Why
Pattinson Didn't
Batman's Voice
While most "Batman" stories in the past have focused on the non-stop action that superhero films are known for, Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” wanted to showcase how he gained the nickname "World's Greatest Detective." This approach contains the reasoning behind Robert Pattinson's voice in the film.
In the director's commentary for the film, Reeves stated that he and Pattinson didn’t want Batman to have a growl in his voice that has been seen in previous iterations. He further explained, “If he was growling, we wouldn't be able to connect to him emotionally.”
One thing that makes Pattinson's Batman stand apart from the others is his real-life relatability of being angry, bitter, and flawed. This version of Bruce Wayne is also a recluse, not a celebrity playboy, so there's a little more room for believability that his voice wouldn't be immediately recognized.