Matt Reeves Confirms What We Suspected About An Arkham Spin-Off


Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” has earned positive early reviews, and its success leads to expectations of what comes next for Pattinson’s Caped Crusader. Aside from a possible movie sequel, an exciting spin-off series is reportedly in the works.

During an interview, Reeves confirmed that “The Batman” would exist in its own universe, and that it would receive a spin-off series featuring Arkham Asylum’s villains. Arkham Asylum is a familiar location for casual “Batman” fans and hardcore comic book experts alike, as it is the place where many of Gotham’s famous villains are locked up.

The idea for the series came after discussing Colin Farrell’s Penguin-centric series for HBO Max. It is still unclear what the Arkham-themed series would be, but Reeves wanted something new for his “Batman” universe that would excite all fans.

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