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Back in 2019, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that MCU mastermind Kevin Feige is developing a "Star Wars" movie, which knowing the Marvel Studios president's tentpole movie résumé would no doubt be wonderful news for the franchise in the galaxy far, far away. However, news of this red-hot project has been relatively few and far between.
Unfortunately, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, her Marvel Studios colleague isn't working on any particular "Star Wars" project at the moment. "I would love to see what movie he might come up with," Kennedy said of Feige. "But right now, no, there isn't anything specifically."
It appears that Kevin Feige is staying on his lane for now. In all fairness, though, the MCU is a pretty wide autobahn of a lane, so it's perfectly understandable that the Marvel Studios president might just have his hands full.