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Naruto Fans'
Favorite Character
it might seem like an impossible task to pick the best character in all of "Naruto" — especially, if you consider the sheer number of compelling heroes and complex villains that the series has to offer. However, we left the honor of the difficult task to our readers in an exclusive poll and here are the results.
Looper's exclusive survey polled 613 "Naruto" fans throughout the US, asking who their favorite character was. The results were counted and the notable runner-ups included Kakashi Hatake (who finished with 20.07% of the vote) and Sasuke Uchiha (who earned 16.97% of votes), but the favorite should come as no surprise.
Naruto Uzumaki himself pulled ahead as the clear number one answer, earning 25.45% of the vote, and beating out the next highest result by 5%. Despite being a quite a polarizing character that fans either love or hate — he still emerged as the obvious fan-favorite character in our survey, leaving no question that he remains the most beloved character in the series.