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Looper Survey:
How MCU Fans
Really Feel About
Marvel TV And
Movie Fatigue
Marvel fatigue is a very real thing that's slowly spreading among the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom. We decided to poll our readers to see if Marvel fatigue has set in for them, over 600 people took our survey, and the results are pretty interesting.
We should mention that out of the 616 people who took our survey, 8.44% admitted to never seeing a Marvel Studios movie or television show. But for those who have been immersed in the MCU, 55.36% of respondents said they do not have Marvel fatigue.
Conversely, 36.2% of respondents said they do feel the effects of Marvel fatigue. With the Phase 5 slate solidified, those suffering from Marvel fatigue might not break out of it anytime soon, as twelve new movies and TV series are on their way for the second part of "The Multiverse Saga."