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"South Park" is up there with "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" in terms of animated sitcoms, as all three have been on for so long that it is difficult to imagine media or pop culture without them. When a show has been on the air this long, questions about its quality become inevitable.
However, while fans of those other long-running shows seem to think there has been a steep decline in content, “South Park” seems to mostly escape similar criticisms. As a matter of fact, fans recently took to Reddit to say that after airing for over two decades, "South Park" may have weakened in points, but is still a strong show that is consistently funny.
The consensus seems to be that the show has seen a minor substantive decline since its heyday, but remains one of the funnier satirical cartoons available. Since our society isn’t any less ridiculous than it was 25 years ago, Parker and Stone will continue to find plenty of cultural gold to mine, even if its best days are somewhat behind it. The fans, at least, are still here for it.