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For Bam, the propulsion to fame was accompanied by unchecked alcohol use, bulimia, and substance abuse. Producers made Bam sign a pledge of sobriety as a condition for his involvement in "Jackass Forever." Unfortunately, after a drug test came up positive for Adderall, Margera was fired from the movie and he has filed suit for wrongful termination.
Bam Margera
McGhehey was the guy known for suffering some of the most horrific injuries which led to 25 surgeries, breaking his back three times, and having his tooth ripped out. As for the lasting ramifications of all that havoc on his body, he cautioned, "The pain is real. You only get one body. Take care of it."
Ehren McGhehey
Dunn developed a reputation on "Jackass" for being the guy willing to perform the insane stunts that the other guys wouldn't. Dunn's love of alcohol, cars, and driving fast led to his end when he crashed his Porsche into a tree while drunk, traveling up to 140 mph.
Ryan Dunn
MTV's "Bam's Unholy Union," the "Jackass" spinoff forever immortalized memories of the happier times leading up to the nuptials of Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein. After dealing with Bam’s bad boy antics and rampant cheating rumors the couple divorced in 2012.
Missy Rothstein
In 2004, a group of teens in Marysville, CA thought it would be fun to reenact one of the stunts they had seen in "Jackass: The Movie." Sixteen-year-old high school junior and honor student Roberta "Bobbi" MacKinnon attempted the merry-go-round tied to a truck stunt which quickly went awry, fatally injuring her.
Roberta MacKinnon