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Law & Order's
Crossover Event
Finally Showed Fans
An Unseen Part
Of Cosgrove's
THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the "Law & Order" crossover event.


A three-hour crossover event from "Law & Order" had fans chatting up a storm on Twitter and not just about the show’s depiction of the real-life conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Fans were also posting about Detective Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan) and how thrilled they were that the event was showing another side to the tough cop.
The second scene of the night introduced us to Detective Cosgrove's daughter, Lily. We were only aware that Cosgrove had a wife and children before the crossover, but we had never seen them. During the scene, 15-year-old Lily expresses her fear of going to school due to the increasing number of shootings and is begging her father to homeschool her.
As soon as Cosgrove's fans watched the very personal scene, they took to social media to express their elation. User @WilsonFrontier tweeted: "Jeffrey Donovan's Cosgrove got more character development in 15 minutes than he did all last season.” Other viewers, such as @phyllismagg, were shocked by this news, asking, "Cosgrove's got a kid?!!"