The cast of the TV show Vikings gathered in a field


Last Kingdom & Vikings: The Last Untold Tale Of The Northmen Should Be On TV Next

The next Vikings show should focus on 13th-century Iceland, a time of global interconnectivity in trade, religion, education, and social structure.

The 13th Century

This era gave rise to influential figures such as Snorri Sturluson, whose work forms our understanding of Norse mythology.

Snorri Sturluson’s saga is ideal for a TV series encapsulating the decline of the Icelandic Commonwealth and the subsequent rise of impactful art from the chaos.

Snorri's Saga

The blend of history and myth proposed by Nancy Marie Brown's “Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths” may inspire this captivating untold tale of the Northmen.

The Age of Sturlungs is an unexplored setting; the story here is familiar and universal — a tale of how greed can corrupt and civility can descend into chaos.

Age Of The Sturlungs

It showcases a critical period when power was centralized among six wealthy chieftains, threatening societal equilibrium.

The saga of the breakdown of medieval Icelandic society, as narrated by Jesse L. Byock in “Medieval Iceland: Society, Sagas, and Power,” offers a captivating narrative arc.


A complex interplay of factors, including the church's rise, Norway's influence, resource constraints, and Snorri's ambition, culminated in the Commonwealth's downfall.

Snorri's younger life, his pursuit of power, and the lack of clarity surrounding whether or not he betrayed his country are all fertile grounds for plot exploration.

Snorri’s Story

His futile attempts to gain favor with the Norwegian king and eventual downfall weave an intriguing tale of ambition and regret.