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Kyle's Hair In
South Park
Has More
Significance Than You Realized
Matt Stone and Trey Parker's animated series, "South Park," has been one of Comedy Central's most popular shows since it began in 1997. We all know the show features the adventures of pre-teens Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, but what you may not know is that Kyle has a deep connection to Stone and a film he made before "South Park."
Before creating the beloved series, Stone and Parker made the 1993 film "Cannibal! The Musical." Stone produced and starred in the movie, alongside Parker, and his character in the film wears a hat that might look familiar to "South Park" fans.
Underneath the hat, Stone sports a curly, afro-like hairstyle. Kyle's bright red hair, when finally revealed in the episode "How to Eat with Your Butt" of "South Park," is the exact same hairstyle as a nod to Stone's character from "Cannibal! The Musical."