Kristen Stewart Weighs In On Whether She Should Play The Joker


Now that “The Batman” sequel has been officially announced fans are hoping Batman will face up against his archenemy the Joker. Given Kristen Stewart's penchant for oddball roles, fans have expressed interest in her taking on the role of the Joker and reviving her undeniable on-screen chemistry with Pattinson.

However, when Variety asked her whether she would be interested in taking on the iconic role, Stewart said that it's not a prospect she's particularly fascinated by. In another interview with Howard Stern, she completely put the idea to rest when she said that she doesn’t want to play the Joker.

However, it’s not hard to see why some fans out there would be interested in seeing such an odd actor-character combination because Batman and the Joker's relationship is often depicted as an odd, antagonistic yin and yang scenario. A romantic dynamic between the Joker and Batman has never really been explored and it could be a refreshing take on this iconic rivalry.