Kevin Feige Reveals What He Really Thinks About The Batman


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been the guiding hand behind the MCU's vision, and since he is possibly the most influential figure in on-screen superheroes, his opinion carries a lot of weight. As it turns out, he has publicly commented on what he thinks of "The Batman."

After Kevin Feige saw a trailer for "The Batman" last year, The Hollywood Reporter grilled him for a response during a wide-ranging interview. The Marvel Studios head responded positively, saying, "I thought it was great, and I thought he was great and everybody was great."

Feige was referring to actor Andy Serkis, but he also added "Jeffrey Wright, our Watcher, is great." It's a bit telling that Feige’s response contained multiple instances of the somewhat nondescript "great," and that he only singled out actors who had connections to Marvel projects.

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