Kevin Feige Confirms Suspicions About Moon Knight's Brutal Violence


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an expansive place that is home to magical and technologically-advanced superheroes, but Disney+ is now introducing another type of hero — the brutal. This news comes directly from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who says this shift will start with the release of “Moon Knight.”

Feige didn’t shy away from promising a brutal “Moon Knight,” which has been on full display in the trailer and promotional images so far. The trailer hints at action scenes unlike the ones we've seen in the Disney+ MCU shows thus far, which could mark a tonal shift in future shows.

"Moon Knight" will likely stay within TV-14 territory, but it will push boundaries and test the limits of what audiences can expect out of a Marvel series on Disney+. It probably won't be as profane or gory as "Hit-Monkey" on Hulu, but fans should expect something intense, nonetheless.