Karen Gillan Has One Major Avengers: Endgame Regret

When the Avengers discuss time travel in “Endgame” they name check several time travel TV shows and films like “Back to the Future,” “Star Trek,” “Terminator,” “Timecop,” and “Quantum Leap” (just to name a few.) However, they missed the perfect opportunity to mention “Dr. Who” which also had a tie to the Avenger crew.
The TARDIS-driving hero crossed space, time, and all manner of realities would have been the perfect reference especially due to the fact that Karen Gillan was in the scene. Gillan, who played the Eleventh Doctor’s assistant, recently revealed she still thinks about leaving that opportunity on the table.
"Honestly the fact I didn't think of that while filming the scene haunts me," she recently tweeted. We all make mistakes, so we can give her a pass. After all, we’re still disappointed Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch shared the screen several times and we never once got a multiverse-style nod to Sherlock.