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Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Best
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Elaine Benes' antics and Louis-Dreyfus' comedy on “Seinfeld” broke barriers for female characters on television. Fans especially love Elaine's embarrassing arc in "The Pen,” as she over-indulges in muscle relaxers and finds herself at the mercy of Jerry’s family in an inhospitable home environment.

The Pen

In this episode, Elaine's coworker Peggy calls Elaine "Susie,” and before Elaine can correct her, Peggy dishes gossip on Elaine. Quick to defend her alter ego, Elaine takes on the identity of Susie, and eventually, Elaine is forced to kill off Susie, leading to one of the most hilarious funeral scenes in TV history.

The Susie

The group decides to hold a contest to see who can go the longest without pleasuring themselves. Louis-Dreyfus delivers a groundbreaking performance as perhaps one of the first women to talk about that subject on TV, and the script masterfully avoids using any hot-button words, leading to hysterical dialogue.

The Contest

Elaine wants to get to her friends' wedding on time, and her trip starts to go badly when she offends a homophobic woman and gets worse when the train stops suddenly, trapping its passengers. Elaine's claustrophobia collides in a powder keg of panic, and her internal dialogue and facial expressions are pure dark comedy.

The Subway

One of the all-time most popular episodes, Elaine is banned from the best soup restaurant in the city by a strict chef known as "The Soup Nazi." Elaine opts for meticulously crafted revenge, as she ruthlessly takes down the chef once and for all.

The Soup Nazi