HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 18: Director Jordan Peele attends the World Premiere Of Universal Pictures "Nope" at the Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California,  (Photo by Unique Nicole/WireImage)
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After Nope
Who would have guessed that Jordan Peele of "MadTV" and "Key & Peele" fame would become the next great maestro of horror? And if comments he made at the "Nope" premiere are any indication of what his next project will be, it seems as though the actor-turned-director plans on staying close to the genre.
No one makes movies like Peele nowadays, which are effectively horror flicks infused with comedy and ample social commentary. In an interview at the "Nope" premiere, he described his personal style as, "A little bit of horror, a little bit of comedy; I'm always going to try and give you a big show."
As a follow-up question, he was asked if he had any plans to venture outside of that arena, and it sounds like fans can expect Peele to remain firmly planted in that wheelhouse. As he put it, "I will stay within this realm that I love which is, I think, the only way I know how to view the world and how to tell stories at this point."