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Will Hochman as Joe Hill in a graveyard in Blue Bloods


Joe Reagan Is Alive In This Blue Bloods Theory
Joe Reagan is a central figure in “Blue Bloods” despite dying at some point before the show’s first episode, but some fans have theorized that he might still be alive.
A Reddit theory suggests that Joe Reagan might be in witness protection due to his investigation with the FBI into the corrupt police unit known as the Blue Templars.
Sonny Malevsky — the leader of the Blue Templars — confessed to killing Joe Reagan, but this may have been a misdirect from the FBI, or perhaps he survived their encounter.
Some fans love the idea that Joe has been in witness protection for years, what this could mean for the show, and the changes it would bring to the Reagan family dynamic.
However, others feel the theory has too many holes to work, with many pointing to the fact that Frank would have identified his son’s body after the shooting.
Even if the writers made the theory work, it would diminish the family’s many key moments and Joe Hill’s struggle of never knowing his father while contending with his legacy.