It’s time to talk about that Penguin scene in The Batman


When "The Batman" kicks off, Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) has already been patrolling Gotham for two years as the titular vigilante. He's already cemented himself as a brutal force on the streets, creating a sense of paranoia in the city's criminal element.

Since the city is full to the brim with criminals, it's not so surprising that the Dark Knight meets some iconic characters over the course of the movie. Among them is the charismatic Oswald Cobblepot, aka Penguin (Colin Farrell).

One of the biggest action sequences of the film sees Batman chase the Penguin in a high-speed pursuit down the Gotham freeway. The scene ends with a brutal crash, as the Bat sends the bird-brained mobster's vehicle spinning through the air before he lands upside down.

It's more than a little shocking that Oz isn't killed, considering how disastrous the crash is. The absurdity of it challenges our suspension of disbelief — even in a film where a grown man dressed like a bat enacts vigilante justice against a riddling serial killer.

Of course, in not killing Penguin, there is still plenty of time for Oz to become the version of the Penguin that DC fans know and love. This version will most likely be showcased on the confirmed Penguin TV series coming to HBO Max.

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