Is That LeBron James' Son In The Commercial?


The latest commercial features legendary basketball star Lebron James speaking to a teenage version of himself in what appears to be his childhood bedroom. This has led many viewers to wonder if the younger version of LeBron is played by the star’s son.

James has three kids: Bryce Maximus, Zhuri Nova, and LeBron Jr., aka Bronny, who is currently a high school junior with tremendous potential of his own. This is likely why some viewers thought it was him, but LeBron's son does not appear in the commercial.

In fact, the younger version of LeBron is a computer-generated image of the basketball player grafted onto body double Bentley Green. In behind-the-scenes footage, Green says that playing James is a dream come true. "It's me playing my idol. I'm speechless. He’s the GOAT."