Is Rachel McAdams Really Absent From Latest Doctor Strange 2 Trailer?


Fans wondering if they missed Rachel McAdams in the latest “Doctor Strange 2” teaser aren't victims of a memory wipe spell from the Sorcerer Supreme. The actress isn't in the new 30-second TV spot, despite being present in the exact same footage in an earlier trailer.

Worse yet, she seems to have been edited out of the shot showing Strange standing next to Christine Palmer and America Chavez. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that despite showing that same clip in the new teaser, Palmer is missing from the shot, though Chavez remains undisturbed.

The MCU has used intentional trailer fake-outs before, such as the Hulk appearing in the "Infinity War" trailer during the battle of Wakanda. All in all, it's probably too early to call it curtains for Christine Palmer, but we won't know for sure until the film hits theaters May 4th.