Is Kara Killmer Leaving Chicago Fire?


Kara Killmer who plays Paramedic Sylvie Brett has appeared in over 150 episodes of "Chicago Fire" and her character's dedication to her job has made her a big part of the show. However, rumors have begun swirling about her possible departure from the hit show.

Luckily for fans of both Kara Killmer and Sylvie Brett, it looks like the character isn't going anywhere, and the speculation about the actor leaving the show is entirely unfounded. This was also confirmed by executive producer Derek Haas who told Parade Magazine that there is plenty in store for the plucky paramedic.

Judging by these comments, it appears as if there is still plenty of things left to do for Sylvie. Happy moments for this beloved character are in her future and fans will likely get some resolution with Brett’s birth parents and family, considering that the character was adopted.