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Is I Am Legend 2
At Risk Of Being
Because Of Will
Smith's Slap?
With the infamous Oscars slap heard around the world still fresh in people's memories, the future of Will Smith's career has become a bit murky. Considering multiple cancellations of Smith’s impending projects thus far, is the recently announced sequel to "I Am Legend" in jeopardy?
The sequel to 2007’s “I Am Legend” was announced a few weeks before the Oscars, and Michael B. Jordan is attached as both co-star and co-producer alongside Smith. However, no director has yet been tapped to lead the project, and "I Am Legend 2" is still in its infancy.
Considering that the movie is still far from production and the details are sparse, there are plenty of opportunities for a shakeup. Although there has been no official statement regarding the current fate of the movie, it is possible that the events of Slapgate will have a lasting impact that could cause "I Am Legend 2" to retreat back into the shadows.