Is Dante Really Leaving The Equalizer?


Tory Kittles has played NYPD Detective Marcus Dante on “The Equalizer” since its premiere in February 2021. In the ongoing second season, viewers finally get to see Dante and series lead Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) work together as allies, but the storyline in the March 20th episode has fans questioning Kittles’ future on the show.

In the episode, two racist cops abduct Dante, shoot him, and leave him to die. While McCall is able to find him, and Dante goes on to recover, the traumatic event leads him to question his place on the force and turn in his badge.

The good news is that Dante doesn’t appear to be going anywhere just yet. Some fans speculate that he will now work even closer with McCall and bring his valuable experience to help further her cause, while others hope that the two characters will admit their feelings for each other and start dating.