Is Adam Goldberg Really Leaving The Equalizer?


Adam Goldberg has played master hacker Harry Keshegian on CBS’s “The Equalizer” since its debut in February 2021. In Season 2, Harry got arrested, so fans were wondering if this meant that Goldberg was leaving the show.

The good news is that Goldberg seems to be staying, and there are two clues as to why. First, he is still credited as a cast member on the show, and second, Harry actually got out of prison thanks to ex-CIA director Bishop (Chris Noth) in a recent episode.

The condition for Harry’s release was that he can never touch a computer again, so fans will have to tune in to see what He will do moving forward. As Harry is fiercely loyal to Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) ever since she helped him fake his death, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he finds another way to aid in her mission of helping vulnerable people.