In Gold Rush: White Water, One Episode Stands Out From The Rest


The Discovery Channel’s wildly popular gold-hunting reality shows began with 2010’s "Gold Rush,” and spun off seven shows, with "Gold Rush: White Water" debuting in 2018. This series chronicles the "Dakota Boys" and their determined efforts to strike it rich underwater, with one episode standing out from the rest for fans.

"Gold Rush: White Water" would find the ‘Dakota Boys’ and their support crew facing a range of challenges, including everything from wild animals to hypothermia. However, when viewers compared the show to the original outing, "Gold Rush,” audiences found the new enterprise lacking right from the first episode.

Reddit user undteej, complained that the "series is off to a rough start. there's too much emphasis on the danger and not enough substance." While things improved as the series progressed, for many fans, the first season's first episode of "Gold Rush: White Water" stood out, all right — but not for the right reasons.