How Walking Dead Fans Really Feel About Negan's Return In Season 11


Ever since his introduction at the end of Season 6, Negan has been one of those “Walking Dead” characters fans love to hate, especially after he killed two beloved characters. However, now that Season 11 has brought back Negan into the spotlight, how are fans feeling about his return?

Negan’s entrance in Season 11’s “The Rotten Core” comes at a strange time, as the disparate alliance of survivor communities is being courted by the heartless and bureaucratic group known as “The Commonwealth.” His return is not sitting well with many and could only mean more trouble for the remaining survivors.

Fans converged on Twitter to respond to an official tweet from the show's account that shows Negan with a gun and a statement about how he is ready. The response was split, with some fans happy about him getting involved, while others are still filled with contempt, hoping Maggie will eventually get her revenge on her husband’s murderer.